Princess Tiabeanie "Bean" is the main character of the Netflix original series, "Disenchantment", another show created by Matt Groening. Princess Bean is an adventurous, independent princess of Dreamland, who is friends with Elfo and Luci. She appeared as an action figure in the episode "101 Mitigations".


In "101 Mitigations", Comic Book Guy had plastic figurines of Bean, Elfo, and Luci, among all the other pieces of garbage in his room. Homer noted that this, along with everything else was "a collection of stuff someone else threw away".


When not in a wedding dress, Princess Bean wears a cyan tunic with white sleeves, brown leggings and tied dark brown boots. She is equipped with a belt with a silver buckle. Her hair is platinum blond (like her mother), and over-sized eyes and ears like her father. She has a round nose like her grandma Bee-Baw, and freckles. buck teeth and an overbite.


Not a traditional princess, Bean is quite the opposite, actively rebelling against her father, Zog, who has driven her to drink. She is frustrated by the limited life-choices available to her as a princess who is second in line to the throne. She resents the stereotypical role of a trophy Queen - which is to have heirs and forge alliances in a loveless union - and refuses to marry the eligible princes presented to her (Guysbert and Merkimer) which would force her to inhabit this role. Her three wishes are to be in charge of her own destiny, get her mom back (obviously) and to find a boyfriend who is a great listener. She is may seem irresponsible, rebellious and cynical, but is surprisingly 'normal' for a princess.


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