Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
Principal Charming
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?


  • Patty is actually a lesbian, as revealed fourteen seasons later in "There's Something About Marrying", which would explain her "celibacy" and reluctance to date Principal Skinner. Also, in the Season 2 DVD Episode Guide, the episode description mentions that "Patty rejects Skinner (and possibly all men)."
  • In this episode, Skinner implies that Bart is the only boy in Springfield Elementary with that name.
  • Skinner points out the Board of Education, which is a paddle, meaning the school once allowed corporal punishment - then again, most schools used to. And the name of the paddle is a common joke referencing said punishment.
  • This is the first episode the short version is used with "D'oh!"
  • Groundskeeper Willie appears to have pink hair and beard instead of red in parts of the episode.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Hans Moleman in the series, but he is referred to as Ralph Melish.
  • First episode without Maggie Simpson.
  • Men who could be Selma's husbands:


The scene from Vertigo.

  • Principal Skinner running up the stairs then looking down and seeing that he is a way up is similar to a scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (right).
  • Skinner yelling, "Tomorrow is another school day!" parodies the last line from Gone with the Wind: "Tomorrow is another day."
  • Homer profiling every man to find Selma a date is similar to the film The Terminator.
  • The title is a parody of Prince Charming, a fairy tale character.
  • The movie Principal Skinner and Patty see on their date, "Space Mutants V: The Land Down Under", in which a marsupial variant of the space monster (with a baby alien in a pouch) attacks Australia, is a reference to the werewolf movie Howling III: The Marsupials.


  • When the line is shown for the DMV Barney is shown, right after Homer talked to him, unless Barney happens to live close to the DMV.
  • Otto Mann is in the line for the DMV. But in The Otto Show in Season 3 we learn that Otto never had a driver's licence, so what's he doing there? DMVs also distribute non-driver's license identification cards; he may have been getting one of those.
  • In this episode, Lisa states she is eight, however, she didn't turn eight until the season 3 episode, "Stark Raving Dad". This is because the series is a floating timeline, where the characters do not age physically.
  • Skinner claims he and Patty are going to the premiere of a Space Mutants movie. This series is apparently huge and popular in the Simpsons universe. Movie premieres are typically crowded events with a lot of fanfare, but this appears to just be a typical slow weeknight show without too many people there.
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