Cue Detective
Halloween of Horror



  • Scenes of Homer using bleach were cut on Sky1 airings.
  • Homer was never seen going in the shower with Patty inside.

Cultural references

  • The episode is similarly named as the season 4 episode "Duffless".
  • The popular American war song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" plays when the animals are preparing themselves for their battle against the Spuckers.
  • When Cletus' dog knocks one of the birds to the ground, a squirrel reacts to it saying "Black Hawk down!", a reference to the Black Hawk utility helicopter and the movie Black Hawk Down.
  • The song "Together Forever" by Rick Astley plays during the small montage showing Patty and Selma smoking during different phases of their lives (and after their deaths) at the end of the episode.
  • When removing the last "s" it becomes "Puffles", a reference to Club Penguin.


  • This is the second episode where Patty and Selma quit smoking and at least one of them relapses. The first was "Opposites A-Frack".
  • It is revealed that Clancy Bouvier died of lung cancer. In "Jazzy and the Pussycats", Homer makes a reference to Clancy Bouvier being dead by saying "I know I will use that white noise machine I got you, when your father died." while he was in bed with Marge.
  • When Marge tells Homer that Patty will be sleeping on the couch, Homer breaks the fourth wall by saying "But that's where we do our couch gags!" and we then cut to the couch gag seen in the episode.
  • On Selma's past list of lonely men, Sideshow Bob was there, which was a reference to "Black Widower".
  • This episode marks the return of Spider-Pig.
  • Maggie's plan's subtitles also breaks the fourth wall: After securing the perimeter, the ground troops will advance and reinforce flanks, as the aerial units will soften their defenses. Then we shall advance in a pincer moment to infiltrate the compound and liberate our friend. If you've read all of this, congratulations, you're a genius!
  • The scene in which Mr. Burns "falls in love" with Jackie is a reference to "Lady Bouvier's Lover".


  • In this episode, Jacqueline celebrates her 80th birthday, but she has already celebrated them.
  • In this episode, Jacqueline appears to be living in her own house, but in "Lady Bouvier's Lover", she is shown to live at a retirement home.
    • She may have moved out of her house and moved into a retirement home.

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