Punch Buggy

Bart and Lisa after playing the game

Punch Buggy (also known as piggy punch) is a game played by Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson (and later all of the kids of Audrey McConnell's third grade class on the bus). It's based on the Volkswagen Beetle game. When you see a Volkswagen bug, you punch someone and yell the color. Plus two if you flinch. Bart was the first to become engaged in the game, because at first Lisa thought Bart was acting immature. But until she saw that he was playing punch buggy she decided to engage in the game. Ms. McConnell told them to stop fighting, when Lisa said he did punch buggy first. After Bart told how to play the game, the kids on the school bus saw a Volkswagen Beetle dealership and engaged in a massive punch buggy game, then Otto punched two kids (or one twice) for flinching. After they got off the bus, all of the kids were groaning in pain and rubbing their arms.


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