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Your problem is you're not motivated.
Lisa to Bart

Punching Bag is the thirty-third Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show November 27, 1988. It is also the first short where D'oh catchphrase was used.


Marge and Homer shove the kids into the rumpus room, demanding that play friendly. The kids wants to play rough, to which Homer angrily berates them for it and demands that they grow up. Embittered by his anger towards Homer, Bart starts punching the punching bag, but Lisa tells Bart he can punch better than that. She then draws an image of Dad on the punching bag in an attempt to motivate herself and Bart and they start punching again. Upon hearing the sound the punching bag while sleeping on the couch, Homer complains to Marge about it. Marge then tells Homer that he can go back the room and tell them to stop if he doesn't like the sound, but Homer refuses to move and demands Marge to make them stop. Furious, Marge bursts into the room and the punching bag noise gets faster. Homer storms into the room, only to see in shock of Marge punching the bag. They all apologize to Dad, but Bart and Lisa refuse to let go of the punching bag, not wanting to infuriate him. After telling Bart to move aside, Homer orders Lisa to let go of the punching bag, only for it to hit him several times to knock him out. As the unconscious Homer lies inert, Bart raises Lisa's arm up, declaring her the winner.

S03E04 Punching Bag

S03E04 Punching Bag

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