HM Queen Elizabeth II (born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York;April 21, 1926) is the current monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms. Her parents were George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


When The Simpsons went to London on their holidays, Homer hit her carriage with the Mini Cooper he hired. Because of this, as well as Homer's assumption that she was an imposter due to the initials on her luggage saying "H.R.H.", which in his mind meant Henrietta R. Hippo instead of "Her Royal Highness", she sentenced Homer to be imprisoned in the Tower of London and later executed by decapitating him and later placing his head on a spike. After Homer's backfired escape through a secret passage, she later pardons Homer and allows him to leave England after he apologises, although under the condition that the Simpsons family take Madonna with them when they leave.[1]

The queen and her son Prince Charles enjoyed watching scenes from Springfield through the surveillance cameras planted around the town. She said that Ralph reminds her of Prince Charles.[2]


Issue by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Name Birth Spouse Birth Issue Birth Spouse Birth Issue Birth
Charles, Prince of Wales 14 November 1948

Lady Diana Spencer

(m. 1981 - div. 1996)

1 July 1961 Prince William, Duke of Cambridge 21 June 1982 Catherine Elizabeth Middleton 9 January 1982

Prince George of Cambridge

22 July 2013
Prince Harry of Wales 15 September 1984

Camilla Shand (m. 2005)

(had previous marriage)

17 July 1947 -- none --
Anne, Princess Royal 15 August 1950 Captain Mark Phillips (m. 1973 - div. 1987) 22 September 1948 Peter Phillips 15 November 1977 Autumn Kelly 3 May 1978 Savannah Phillips 2010
Isla Phillips 2012
Zara Phillips 15 May 1981 Michael Tindall 18 October 1978 Mia Grace Tindall 17 January 2014

Commander Timothy Laurence

(m. 1992)

1 May 1955 -- none --
Prince Andrew, Duke of York 19 Feburary 1960

Sarah Margaret Ferguson

(m. 1986 - div. 1996)

15 October 1959 Princess Beatrice of York 8 August 1988 -- none -- -- none-- -- none-- --none--
Princess Eugenie of York 23 March 1990 -- none -- -- none-- --none-- -- none--
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex 10 March 1964 Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones (m. 1999) 20 January 1965 Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor 8 November 2003 --none-- --none --none-- --none--
James Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount Severn 17 December 2007 --none-- --none-- --none-- --none--

Titles and Styles

  • April 21, 1926 - December 11, 1936: HRH Princess Elizabeth of York
  • December 11, 1936 - November 20, 1947: HRH The Princess Elizabeth
  • November 20, 1947 - February 6, 1952: HRH The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh
  • February 6, 1952 - present: HM The Queen

In Scotland she was asked to be styled Elizabeth I of Scotland, since there was no Elizabeth I in Scotland, but there was one in England.


In The Regina Monologues her luggage carried the inscription H.R.H which means Her Royal Highness, which is used for Princes and Princesses, but since she is the Queen, her luggage inscription should have read H.M. as in Her Majesty, because that is her official style, but prior to ascending to the British Throne, she did carry the style Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh.



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