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The Rabbit was an unnamed rabbit given to Marge Simpson by Bart Simpson for her birthday.


Bart got the idea to get a rabbit after he was at grandma's house (Jacqueline Bouvier). He saw a picture of Marge as a kid holding a pet rabbit. So Bart went to every pet store until he could find one that looked just like it. He hurries to give Marge her present, as he was worried the rabbit would suffocate in the box he put it in. The rabbit ruins Homer's present inadvertently. The rabbit has bitten through many of the cords in the house including the phone line. Homer's gift to Marge was a 'Puree-Station 3' signed by Paula Paul. Paula Paul also said that she would give Marge an in-show phone call in celebration of her birthday. The Simpsons had waited ages and were getting doubtful that she would ever call. Homer than discovers that the rabbit had bitten through the phoneline. They reconnect the line and listen to Paula Paul's messages which had quickly escalated and gotten more annoyed as they went to each new message. They then turn on the TV, where Paula Paul is raving propaganda about Marge and calling her a terrible cook. Marge's birthday is ruined and Homer is about to choke Bart, then realised that he shouldn't choke him on Marge's birthday. Homer then thinks of a creative way to punish Bart. He punishes Bart by making him go into the rabbit's cage. He is at first reluctant, but as time passes he gets more comfortable. Homer comes back presumably hours later after the family had eaten pizza without him. Bart doesn't want to leave as the straw in the cage was more comfortable than his bed. Homer then uses all his might and karate skills to get Bart out of the cage. He eventually succeeds but is then influenced to start gratifying the town with a picture of his Dad labeled (Mr Fatso). Homer is later shown unaware of being Mr. Fatso walking Santa's Little Helper and the rabbit while Bart tries to make sure Homer doesn't find out about his exploitation of Homer's image.



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