Radioactive Man

A list of the issues published by Bongo



  • Simpsons Comics & Stories #1: Features a page from Radioactive Man 418.
  • Bartman and Radioactive Man #1:This comic book features in a magazine, "Hero Illustrated", in 1994. It contains a mini poster of Bartman and Radioactive Man. It is known as an 'ash can comic' as most bonus books in sealed price guides and magazines and usually read and then thrown away.

Volume 1

Written by Steve Vance; publishing started 1994.

Between Volumes

  • Simpsons Comics #36-39 / Radioactive Man #160 ("1968"): the flip-sides from all four issues form a parody of Jim Steranko's Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. comics. Features Purple Haze, a character who parodies Luke Cage's affinity for Ebonics.
  • Simpsons Comics #50 / Radioactive Man #99 ("1963"): features a one-page ad parodying the old comic advertisements for Hostess confections; also a backup story, "Planet of the Strange-O's," spoofing Bizarro from Superman's comics.

Volume 2

Written by Batton Lash; publishing started 2001.

  • Radioactive Man #100 ("1963")
  • Radioactive Man #222 ("1973"): a parody of the early 1970s Marvel Comics.
  • Radioactive Man #136 ("1966"): a parody of Archie Comics's Mighty Comics line.
  • Radioactive Man #4 ("1953"): a parody of Marvel Comics science-fiction comics.
  • Radioactive Man #575 ("1984"): a parody of various independent 1980s comics, particularly Howard Chaykin's American Flagg (Chaykin drew the cover for this issue).
  • Radioactive Man #106 ("1963"): a parody of Gold Key Comics
  • Bongo Super-Heroes #7
  • Radioactive Man Movie Special: the "official" comic book adaptation of the Radioactive Man movie (as seen in the Simpsons episode "Radioactive Man")
  • Radioactive Man #197 ("1971"): a parody of the New Gods comics created by Jack Kirby.

Despite winning an Eisner, volume 2 was cancelled, and Batton Lash and Radioactive Man were moved into writing smaller stories alongside Bartman stories and other miscellaneous Simpsons vignettes as part of Simpsons Super Spectacular.[1]

Post-Volume 2

  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #1: Flip side of comic has Radioactive Man in a parody of Charlton Comics's Captain Atom. Three stories are all based on early 1960s Captain Atom stories, as is the cover.
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #2: "Bongos" a parody of Kurt Busiek/Alex Ross's Marvels.
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #3: Lure Lass and Weasel Woman team-up adventure, battling the Crazy Cat Lady. Radioactive Man makes a short appearance at the end.
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #4: Radioactive Man battles the Cane Gang. After a run-in with them, he becomes deathly afraid of radioactivity, an obstacle he overcomes by the end of the issue.
  • Radioactive Man #711: Produced exclusively for sale at 7-Eleven stores in concert with the release of The Simpsons Movie. [1] The issue itself gives a brief (8 page) retcon of Radioactive Man's origin, followed by reprints of #4 and Simpsons Comics #50.
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #5: Radioactive Man battles Mufelatto, the Aliment Man in an homage to Metamorpho the Element Man drawn by Ramona Fradon.


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