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Montclair "Rallo" Tubbs is a main character on the animated series The Cleveland Show and as of the Family Guy episode "He's Bla-ack" is a recurring character on Family Guy. He along with his family appear in the couch gag for "Homerland" but were thrown out (along with Homer Simpson) After protesting, all but Homer were allowed back in.


Rallo, along with the rest of The Brown family appears in the credits gag of the episode "Homerland", going to a party to celebrate the 25th season of The Simpsons, along with families from tons of other FOX cartoons such as Family Guy, American Dad!, and Bob's Burgers. However, they are not allowed to go into the party because they're black. The family starts picketing outside the party, demanding to be let in. Homer Simpson, who was also disallowed in there, is joining them, saying that FOX is also against him. The Brown family is eventually let in, but Homer Simpson is still locked out.


Rallo is a short, five year old boy, with a giant, puffy, black afro. Under his afro, he has an oddly shaped head, that sort of concaves and looks like a peanut. He wears a blue shirt, dark blue shorts, and white sneakers with red shoes.


Even though Rallo is a little kid, he acts like a full grown adult. He talks like a stereotypical black guy, liking hitting on girls, rapping, eating sugar crisps, watching celebrity porn, and watching black TV shows and media. He is a good friend to his "brothers" and hangs out with black people more than white people, although he does include them in his group. Rallo is also kind of misogynistic, seeing girls as nothing but sexual objects, and making a lot of comments about how they complain all the time. He also has complete and total power over his mother, who will serve his every need, when he asks her for it. He is very sporty and is on a soccer team and he also plays basketball with his friends. Despite his personality mainly being that of a full-grown adult, there are many times where his true self comes out. He has the kind of fantasies that a kid his age would, involving dragons, giant robots, superheroes, etc. He's afraid of the dark and gets nightmares and paranoia from watching horror movies and listening to scary stories. He has a limited knowledge on sex, which is a bit inaccurate, but he knows more than Stewie, having known the main gist of it. He's also a classic prankster, who enjoys pulling pranks, making inappropriate jokes, and laughing at the misfortune of others.


  • Rallo's voice actor, Mike Henry, used to make prank calls to radio stations, using the codename "Rallo".
  • For an in-universe explanation behind his nickname, Donna got the idea for his name from Rollo Larson from Sanford and Son.


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