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―Raphael's catchphrase
Ey, pal-ey.
―Raphael's other catchphrase

Raphael (also commonly known as the Sarcastic Clerk, Wiseguy, or Middle-Aged Man) is a recurring background character in The Simpsons - his main purpose is to carry out a job or sell a product that gets a plot rolling. His voice is also often used for loudspeaker announcements.

Raphael's character model has varied perhaps the most of any recurring character, with hair colour, style and moustache all changing despite his distinctive voice. It wasn't until later seasons when the page image became the standard model for when his voice is used.

Raphael tends to make dry comments when confronted about the prices or quality of his services. He has even been sarcastic towards Comic Book Guy.



One-Time Jobs

He has held numerous jobs in Springfield including: garage owner, mail man, taxi driver, gun salesman, giving water to plants, exterminator, and various shop clerks and handymen. He was also seen as a money changer in the First Church of Springfield after it had its makeover.[1] He is seen driving the Krusty glass vans around Evergreen Terrace.[2] He is also seen working alongside Sideshow Mel as a security guard for the Springfield Museum, and attacks Homer and Bart for "being in serious violation of his authority" [3], and has acted as a cameraman for at least one children's show. He acts just like Grover Monster from Sesame Street who has a Job Licence.[4]

One of Raphael's jobs

Usual Jobs

Raphael's most common job is as a repo man, of which when he "accidentally" hurts Milhouse, he says, "Ha ha! I love this job!" [5] However he's frequently seen working in the Noiseland Video Arcade.

Character Traits

He is usually seen as a balding smoker with gray hair and a gray moustache, and generally appears lean, although there was one instance where he appeared overweight. He usually refers to people as "boyo" or "pally". In Boy Meets Curl, he had brown hair, and in Krusty Gets Kancelled, he had black hair. As some of his nicknames imply, he also is quite sarcastic. He also apparently enjoys low-brow humor as evidenced when Bart easily distracted him with a (false) mention of a bawdy limerick graffitied onto the men's bathroom. He apparently owns a Scottish terrier, as after Homer discarded his pajamas out the window in order to emulate Thomas Edison, he was seen walking said dog breed before sarcastically requesting for Homer to do everyone a favor and "invent" underpants.


His voice is intended to resemble Charles Bronson, as seen when the Simpsons try to travel to Branson, Missouri, but mistakenly end up in Bronson, Missouri, first.

Real Name

Sideshow Bob identifies his first name as Raphael.[6]

List of His Jobs

  1. Voice on the loudspeaker
  2. Limo driver
  3. Magazine store, clerk
  4. Cab driver
  5. Clerk, Foreign Exchange
  6. Worker, U.S. coin mint
  7. Straight and Narrow Storage Co., mover
  8. All Creatures Great and Cheap, employee
  9. Clerk, Nick's Bowling Shop
  10. Mechanic, assisting Mrs. Krabappel
  11. Googol-Plex Cinema, ticket booth
  12. Crane operator, Homer's funeral
  13. School Carnival, caricature artist
  14. Krusty Co., repairman
  15. Salesman, car show
  16. Worker, hog fat rendering plant
  17. Gas station, pump jockey
  18. All Creatures Great and Small, clerk
  19. The "Gabbo" show, cameraman
  20. Selling Malibu Stacey dolls, Springfield Swap Meet
  21. Delivers I & S animation sells
  22. Aphrodite Inn, clerk
  23. DNA lab professor
  24. Potato bug sprayer
  25. Electric Company, workman
  26. Ogdenville Outlet Mall, salesman
  27. Copy Jelopy, clerk
  28. Noiseland Arcade, assistant to Donkey Kong
  29. In and Out Piercing, employee
  30. Miscellaneous, Etc., clerk[7]
  31. Repo Depot, employee[8]
  32. Bloodbath and Beyond, clerk[9]
  33. Sportacus, clerk
  34. Sex offender registration office, clerk
  35. Yukingham Palace, clerk
  36. Eatie Gourmet's, lobster salesman
  37. High-Pressure Tire Sales, auto mechanic
  38. Delivery man, Luigi's
  39. Worker, The Springsonian
  40. Delivery man
  41. Worker, Springfield Airport
  42. Bet taker, Springfield Downs
  43. Clerk.
  44. Mechanic, "Dentz" auto garage
  45. Enant, "Broken Dreams Storage Lockers (This Job, We Learn his name.)[10]
  46. Toy Shop Salesman[11]
  47. Plumber
  48. Cake Shop Owner
  49. Janitor at Springfield University
  50. Clerk, Candy store (Springfield Mall)
  51. Cryogenic Facility employee
  52. Airplane Weighter
  53. Springfield Municipal Golf Course, clerk[12]
  54. Krusty's Kristmas on Ice, Arena Changeover staff[13]
  55. Springfield Dry Cleaners, employee[14]
  56. A Bugs Death, exterminator[15]
  57. Furniture delivery man[16]
  58. TSA employee[17]
  59. Springfield Museum of Natural History, employee[18]
  60. Springfield County Fair, CD salesman[19]
  61. Texxon, Gas Station Manager[20]
  62. You Forgot-Me-Nots (The Last-Minute Gift Store), clerk[21]
  63. AAA (American Automobile Association), employee[22]
  64. Circus Freak[23]
  65. Apple Store, employee (at former Alley McBalls location)[24]
  66. Pet Shop Salesman (All Creatures Great And Cheap)
  67. Train Mechanic[25]
  68. Health Inspector[26]
  69. Mechanic, "Body Shop" (helping Principal Skinner)[27]
  70. Demolition Supervisor[28]
  71. Theater Attendant, The Screens - Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne[29]
  72. Security Guard, Dizzneeland[30]
  73. Delivery Man [31]
  74. Drive-thru Booth Attendent, Fotohut Photo Processing [32]
  75. Bureau of Licences and Permits employee [33]
  76. Broadway Box Office Attendant [34]
  77. Indoor Water Park employee [35]
  78. Airport Shuttle Driver [36]
  79. Travel Agent [37]
  80. Clubbb Sinnn strip club employee[38]
  81. ChoreMonkey[39]
  82. Boat Mechanic[40]
  83. Rideshare Driver[41]



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