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The Rat's Nest is a poor, crime-ridden district in Springfield. It's located on the New Springfield side of the Springfield Bridge.


The Rat's Nest Neighbourhood is a hillbilly community that included farmers and a lot of the founders of Springfield's descendants. The county of Springfield never repaved any of the roads in this neighbourhood, resulting in almost all of the roads not even there.

When Homer and Marge were looking for a larger house for their growing family (Marge at the time was pregnant with Lisa), a realty agent from Stinking Fish Realty told them that the only houses in their price range were located in The Rat's Nest. He showed them several houses in the area, including one in which a recent murder occurred and one that was located right next door to a rendering plant.

The Rat's Nest Neighbourhood is also close to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where it laid alot of radioactive waste around the neighbourhood and circulated radiation through the air.


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