Hey! Nobody calls me a monster and questions my existence!
―Ray before he punches Homer Simpson[src]

Ray Magini is a roofer who Homer ends up being friends with.


Everyone thought Ray didn't exist and that Homer was the only one who saw him. Ray makes an appearance in front of the townspeople at the end of the episode, proving he does exist and is not just a product of Homer's imagination. Ray Magini is an anagram for "Imaginary". The Bartender at Knockers couldn't see him because of his eye patch, Flanders couldn't see him because he hid behind the chimney, and Bart couldn't see him because a mini black hole absorbed the light from Ray, later explained by Stephen Hawking.

Ray is later seen as part of the angry mob looking for Homer during Trappuccino.


Ray is a roofer (although he doesn't seem to have received much education in roofing). He also sometimes stacks items in hardware stores. He kept disappearing from Homer's roof because he is a contractor.

Behind the Laughter

  • Ray Magini is voiced by Ray Romano, and is designed to look like and talk like him.
  • His name is an anagram of 'Imaginary'. (This was pointed out by Lisa).


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