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Rayshelle Peyton is the new fourth grade teacher for Bart's class at Springfield Elementary School. She first appears in the eighteenth episode of Season 33, "My Octopus and a Teacher".


Rayshelle and her husband Darryl worked in Ghana for two years, where she was a teacher and Darryl was an oboeist. After Darryl got a new job in the Springfield orchestra, they moved to Springfield, and she became a teacher in Springfield Elementary School.

Before becoming a teacher, she stayed at the Paradiso del Mare resort, where Bart also stayed. When Bart sneaked into the pool and started to drown, she dived in, still in her dress, and rescued him. Feeling embarrassed by this, Bart yelled at her and ran off. Not knowing his name, she referred to him as "angry drowning boy".

When she first became Bart's teacher, she didn't recognize Bart, but Bart recognized her and started acting up, feeling guilty about how he had acted towards her at the pool, and also because he had a crush on her. When Bart was going to confess to her that he was the kid she saved, Darryl came to visit her and brought her flowers, and they kissed, which upset Bart and made him losing his temper.

Later, Bart and Rayshelle worked things out, and Bart told her that Edna had a trick that helped, writing lines on the chalkboard, so she made him do that.


Behind the Laughter

Following Marcia Wallace's death in 2013, Edna Krabappel was also killed off off-screen. Al Jean then hinted that with the state of the public schools, Bart's class might not have a permanent teacher and instead there could be several guest star teachers before they'd settle on a permanent one.

After Hank Azaria announced in 2020 that he would no longer voice non-white characters, Kerry Washington tweeted that that she was available for animators to voice black roles. Executive producers Carolyn Omine and Matt Selman then decided that she would fit well into the role of Bart's new teacher and reached out to her. Washington, being a big fan of the Simpsons and liking the idea of playing a teacher, accepted.[1]

She appears in the Season 33 event in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Video Games

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Rayshelle Peyton appears and can be obtained from the personal prize during the Season 33 Prize Track Promotional (part 4).

Treehouse of Horror series

"Treehouse of Horror XXXIV"

In the first segment, Rayshelle with her husband, Darryl appears outside of Springfield Museum of Art.




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