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You see, the law business is a little slow, and since most of my clients wind up losing their houses, this was a natural move for me.
Lionel Hutz explains his employment at Red Blazer Realty

"Realty Bites" is the ninth episode of Season 9. Phil Hartman reprises his role as Lionel Hutz. This was Hutz's final voice appearance before Phil Hartman's death. The episode also marks the first appearance of Gil Gunderson and Cookie Kwan.


When Marge becomes a real estate agent, her firm loses lucrative sales due to her total honesty. Meanwhile, Homer buys a 1960s hot-rod convertible at the local police auction. Unfortunately, the rod's former owner and convicted felon, Snake, wants his property returned post haste, and will do anything to get it back.

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Marge is tired of being cooped up in the house all the time and tells Homer they should go out somewhere nice. Her expectations are broken when Homer takes her to the annual police auction, where items belonging to the prisoners are being sold. The prisoners watch in despair as their possessions are auctioned off. Snake finds the situation amusing, until he sees the next thing on the list is his prized souped up 1968 Pontiac Firebird, dubbed "Lil' Bandit". Infuriated, Snake vows to kill whoever purchases his car. Of course, the only person who was willing to spontaneously buy a car is Homer, much to Marge's chagrin. Homer embraces the new car immediately and begins driving like a madman through the streets of Springfield. Marge doesn't want to ride home in the car, so chooses to walk and while doing so, she chats with Lionel Hutz, who is now working for Red Blazer Realty. Marge plans to be a real estate seller as well.

Lil' Bandit

Marge studies for a big test in order to become a real estate seller. She passes and gets the job. Meanwhile, while showboating the car against Skinner's, Homer attempts to shift the car into Drive, causing it to stall at an intersection. Snake overhears the sound of the overworked starter engine as Homer tries to restart it, and, unable to bear the sound of his car being ruined, breaks out of jail to get the car. Unfortunately for him, he is too late as Homer gets the car into gear and drives off. Upon smelling the exhaust fumes, Snake realizes that Homer has only been fueling the car with regular instead of the required premium, making him even more enraged. Marge tries to sell houses, but can't stop telling the buyer's the flaws of the house, making it unable to sell. Hutz tells her that if you don't sell a house on your first week, you get fired. When the Flanders family looks for a new home, she once again tells them the flaws. When she finishes all the houses in the area, they spy the Murder House, which is unbeknownst to Ned and Maude. They purchase it, making Marge feel guilty.

While Homer drives under a bridge in Lil' Bandit, Snake jumps in and starts a fight to get the car back. Marge keeps thinking about the Flanders being murdered in the house and tries to turn the check over to the couple. When she enters the house, she finds their bodies red and on the floor, which makes her think they have been killed. They turn out to be alive, and just taking a nap after painting Todd's room red. She tries to give the check back, but Flanders mentions that he will be happy there. Just then, Snake's car with him and Homer fighting drives up to the house, destroying it partially. Chief Wiggum, in pursuit of them, also crashes into the house, completely demolishing it. Flanders then rips up the check. Marge loses her job and wears the "Fired" blazer, Snake ends up getting arrested again with severe injuries (but this was not shown), but Homer shows her the magic of the unemployment office and the family also encounters former president George H. W. Bush.

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