The Simpsons uses many recurring in-jokes throughout its run, and these jokes are a dominant part of the show's style and humor. These jokes range from very clear issues (Ex. Springfield's state is a mystery) to very obscure, subtle content which is only noticed when viewed very carefully.

List of Recurring Jokes

  • Springfield's Mystery Location- Throughout the show's run, it has always been known that the episodes are primarily set in an average American town called Springfield, but the state which Springfield belongs to has never been revealed. Jokes about this are constantly made to add to the humorous mystery. In The Simpsons Movie the four states that border Springfield are said to be "Maine, Kentucky, Nevada, and Ohio", and in the crossover with Family Guy, entitled The Simpsons Guy, a recurring gag of the Kool Aid Man busting through a wall (first done at the Quahog Courthouse) occurred in the crossover, when Peter Griffin notices that the Kool Aid Man did not bust through the wall of the Springfield County Courthouse and yell "Oh, yeah!" after the Griffin family members, one by one, yell, "Oh, no!" when judge Fred Flintstone finds in favor of Duff Beer during a case between Peter and Homer over which beer company, Duff or the Pawtucket Brewery, should shut down due to the two's dispute over the better beer. Peter then gets a call from the Kool Aid Man, who says that he's "in the wrong Springfield".
  • The Letter 'M' - The show's creator, Matt Groening, visually hi|des the letter M (his first initial) in many places around Springfield. Notable hiding spots for the letter include: Homer's hairline (Occasionally his ear is in the shape of a G also, to represent Groening's second initial), Selma Bouvier's hair, and the hair on Groundskeeper Willie's forearm.
  • Homer's Life Long Dream. After seeing a particular thing, Homer replies that it his lifelong dream, to which Marge says "I thought your life long dream was (...), and you did it last year."
  • Underfunded public schools. This term is usually used for Springfield Elementary.
  • Chalkboard gag
  • Couch Gag
  • Bart's prank calls
  • Breaking The Fourth Wall
  • Burns forgetting Homer
  • Retirony
  • Things bursting into flames

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