Red Barclay's truck is truck that was owned by Red Barclay.


Red Barclay was driving a truck of artichokes and migrant workers to Atlanta, when he stopped for lunch at The Slaughterhouse in Springfield. Homer challenged him to an eating beef contest. Red won but suddenly died of beef poisoning, leaving behind a truck. After Homer heard two other truckers talking about Red, he decided to drive Red's truck to Atlanta.

While driving the truck, Homer noticed a small boy in the car in front of them. The boy was looking at Homer and moving his arm up and down. Homer got angry and wanted to teach him a lesson, but Bart then explained him that the boy only wanted Homer to blow the horn. Homer pulled a cord and released a trailer.

Homer and Bart needed to drive 2200 miles in 10 hours. Homer stopped in a small shop where he ate the most of pep pills from a bottle there and then also some sleeping pills to "balance it out". However, he eventually fell asleep at the wheel. The truck then proceeded to drive itself. It drove down a cliff and stopped itself at The Gassy Knoll.

Next morning when Homer woke up, he was so amazed that he told two truckers about it. They explained to him that every truck has the Navitron Autodrive systems installed inside so they can drive themselves. The two truckers then threatened Homer to keep quiet.

Despite of Homer's promise, he soon told some tourists about the scam. The two truckers and three others then chased Homer in their trucks, forming a blockade, but Homer got past them.

Homer brought the truck to Atlanta successfully and left it there. It is unknown what happened to the truck then.

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