Redbrick Car in Hit and Run

The Redbrick Car ( Based on a LEGO model ) is a vehicle that is accessed in The Simpsons Road Rage, with the use of the cheat code, and The Simpsons: Hit and Run, which can also be accessed using a cheat code, or by completing the game 100%. When using the cheat, it replaces the hidden car in each level of the game, or after 100% completion, can appear with all the other unlockable cars in the phone booth when using a different cheat code.

Its appearance in Hit and Run is, like most of the vehicles in that game, a throwback to its predecessor Road Rage. The Redbrick car was a test car during development of the game, and its name derives from its appearance as a simple red cuboid with four non moving circles for wheels, each different colours. In Road Rage, its horn is the same as Snake Jailbird's car Bandit, being the opening to the song 'Dixie'. In Hit and Run, the car has more detail, with detailed wheels that spin when driving, and two eccentric pistons in front of the driver's seat. Furthermore its horn is now a simple car horn, as is Snake's Bandit.

The code for the PS2 version to get the redbrick car is: L1, R1 ( Hold these down while accessing the code ) O, O, Triangle, Square. Do this while in the options menu in the pause menu. The code for the pc version is: Click on "options" in game then Hold down F1 and then enter the code, Down Down Right Left.


  • In The Simpsons Road Rage, regardless of the character one uses, the red brick will have no character driving the car, but will have Homer's voice and dialogue, and passengers will interact with the driver thinking it is Homer.
  • Furthermore in Road Rage, playing as Waylon Smithers, Jr., via cheat code, will make Charles Montgomery Burns use the Redbrick car instead, since his vehicle is in use. He will still say 'Get him, Smithers' during gameplay.



1. Go to the options menu, either in game, or on the main menu. 
2. Hold L1+R1 and press the following:



Alternate Audio during Credits

X, Square, Square, Triangle

Alternate Views

O, O, O, X

Blow up cars on impact

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square

Car is invincible

Triangle,  X, Triangle,  X

Drunk Driving

triangle, circle, triangle, circle

Grid Mode

O, X, O, Triangle

High acceleration

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

No top speed

Square, Square, Square, Square

Press L3 to make car jump

Square, Square, Square, Triangle


Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square

Unlock the red brick car

Circle, circle, triangle and square

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