Treehouse of Horror XXII
Replaceable You
The Food Wife
Roz Davis: Your laughs are like strawberry wine.

Roz Davis: Who told you?!
Homer: I won't say, but his initials are S.F.
Roz Davis: Stupid Flanders!

Homer: You're my personal savior.
Ned Flanders: Thank you, but I don't approve...
Homer: Hail Flanders, mightier than Jesus.

Homer: She's the most evil person to come out of Ohio since LeBron. But at least he thought long and hard before screwing everybody over. In public. For no reason.

Professor Frink: Sorry, Ms. Wyoming. I'll have to climb your Grand Tetons some other night.

Homer: If an emergency alarm goes off, there's ear plugs in the top drawer.

Homer: Marge, get my seal cub, the big one!

Bart: To sweeten the deal, I'll pick you first for basketball.

Milhouse: I really need that cootie shot, my dog and I accidentally touched tongues.
Bart: How is this accidentally when it's the fifth time?

(Martin is hanging by his underwear; Bart knocks him down with his slingshot)
Martin Prince: Nice shot.
Bart: Not really. I was aiming for your left teste.
Martin Prince: Testes.

Martin Prince: Bully, Bart! Bully!
Bart: Bully? Where? Is it Nelson?
Martin Prince: No, Bart. It's an expression. It means "Good job".
Bart: Oh.
(Camera pans to show Nelson in the room)
Nelson: Who hast summoned me?
(Martin and Bart cower in fear)

Bart: And best of all, I got the funding for the Homer Humiliator.
(Cut to Homer standing by the Homer Humiliator, which hits him in the face with a pie and kicks him in the groin)
Homer: Oh, why would a Homer Humiliator do this to me?

Homer: I learned something today. Did you know that my work is the reason I get those checks every week? And now that I've been demoted, those checks have gotten smaller. Not in physical size, but in...
Marge: I know!

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