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{{CouchGagPrevNext|Charlie Chaplin|Squeaky-Voiced Teen}}{{Conjecture}}{{Couch Gag
{{CouchGagPrevNext|Charlie Chaplin|Squeaky-Voiced Teen}}{{Conjecture}}{{Couch Gag
|image = [[File:Repo_Men.jpg|250px]]
|image = CouchGagS13E10.jpg
|duration = TBA
|duration = TBA
|appearance = [[Half-Decent Proposal]]
|appearance = [[Half-Decent Proposal]]

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Charlie Chaplin
Repo Men couch gag
Squeaky-Voiced Teen
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The Repo Men couch gag is the sixth couch gag of Season 13.


The family arrives to find two repo men carrying the couch away. As Homer cries over this, Bart, Lisa and Maggie decide to sit on the floor to watch TV, while Marge is confused.

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