The Wife Aquatic
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times
Little Big Girl
Homer: (angrily at the Rich Texan) Reeevenge!

Rich Texan: Out of my way, you seatbelt wearing cowards.

Homer: (while crawling through a tunnel) I wonder how long this tunnel… iiiiiiiiiiiiis! (falls in water and into a cage that locks up) D'oh.

Marge: Revenge never solves anything!
Homer: (sarcastically) Then what's America doing in Iraq?

Marge: Homer!
Homer: Yes, my love?
Marge: You killed my husband! (she slaps him and runs towards Moe's corpse) No!
Bart and Lisa: Papa Maux! Papa Maux!
Homer: You guys liked him?
Marge: We were together for five years. Now who's going to take care of the triplets? (Homer looks at the triplets that are resembling to Moe and Maggie)
Homer: But Marge, I did it all for you.
Marge: For me, huh? What took you so long?
Homer: It takes time to make a revenge machine this awesome. Plus, in the middle, I had to take revenge on some of my contractors.
Marge: You spent so much time plotting your revenge, you lost everything that really mattered. Come on, kids. (she storms off with Bart and Lisa with Homer sad)

Bart: Ay, Caramba! (outside the story) That's the only line I get in your stupid story?
Lisa: There's no such thing as small parts, just small actors. (laughs)

Lou: No sign of the Serpent.
Chief Wiggum: It's always work with you.

Bart: Now we have three ways to talk about revenge, although the first two were sort of the same, and even the third would have worked better as a Halloween Story.

Lenny: (to Homer) Now get some sleep, you have a 9:00 AM rat helmet.
Homer: 9:00 AM?

Nelson: (to Milhouse) Ha ha, you forgot me because I had the mumps!

Milhouse: Having a weapon at school has really made things awesome.
Martin: Good Morning, dinguses. What are you doing, touching each other's butts?
Dolph: (to Martin) You are so dead you're alive.

Judge: I sentence you to life.
Homer: You moron, I'm already alive.
Judge: In prison!

Moe: I hate this Homer jerk with his beautiful wife and loving family, when all I got is this doorway.

Snake: Hand over your wallet.
Homer: You don't frighten me! (Snake shoots Homer) Or my wife! (Snake shoots Marge) Or my...
Marge: Shut up!

Bart: (crashes through the window) Party's over, Serpent.
Chief Wiggum: No kidding, you're standing in the dip.

Homer: (after Lisa's story) Wow! That had what I really like in a story: an ending!

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