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The Rick and Morty Couch Gag is a couch gag that was used in the episode Mathlete's Feat in which the title characters of the hit Adult Swim TV series Rick and Morty crash through the wall and kill The Simpsons.


The Simpsons rush in and sit on the couch as normal. Suddenly, a space cruiser crashes through the wall, the Simpsons screaming as they are reduced to yellow smears across the room. Rick and Morty get out of the ship, freaking out over what they have done. Rick pins the blame on Morty as Morty runs around in guilt. Rick scoops up the remains of the family in a vial and gives it, along with the family portrait, to Morty. He uses the portal gun to open a portal to another dimension and sends Morty in, telling him to go to an address and get clones of the family. Morty enters the portal and follows the directions on the address he's given.

Meanwhile, Rick starts raiding the house, eating a donut and drinking some Duff Beer; albeit adding something far stronger to it after a sip. Morty goes to the address, and gives an alien working there the vial of Simpsons goo and picture. Rick goes into Homer and Marge's room, laden with loot from the house, and finds Marge's necklace and tries it on. The DNA from the vial is plugged into into a copying machine, filling up and it goes into a bottle which the alien injects into a large bison like alien creature. Ned Flanders walks into the house and comments on the big mess that's been made, in particular the space ship, and also noticing Rick and realizing that he's not Homer. Annoyed, Rick sighs and zaps him with the freeze ray and starts playing Lisa's saxophone again.

The animal's pushes eggs out of its snout, which Morty returns to the Simpson's dimension and gives to Rick. Rick dumps them all out on the couch and turns the thermostat to 110, the eggs hatching into The Simpsons. However, they all end up being deformed versions of them with Rick's skin and hair as well as his bad belching habits. Rick gives Morty a tip: never clean DNA vials with your own saliva. Taking his bag of stolen things, he and Morty get back into the cruiser, with Rick driving this time around and fly off, with them killing Flanders in the process by knocking his frozen body over and causing it to shatter. The mutated version of Bart then moans "No more guest animators man!", breaking the fourth wall and ending the gag.

Character Appearances


  • This is the first time The Simpsons has crossed over with Rick and Morty.
  • When Morty first enters the alternate dimension, the Planet Express Ship from Futurama flies over his head.
  • A Futurama animated human in the background has a brain slug on his head.
  • A Slurm vending machine makes a cameo in the background also referencing Futurama.
  • Rick mentions the events of "Two Bad Neighbors" when explaining there were a load of characters in the franchise, citing that George Bush had once been their neighbor.
  • Bart breaks the fourth wall when he demands "No more guest animators man!".
    • This is also a reference on how there have been multiple couch gags, drawn by guest animators, including the John Kricfausli, Bill Plympton, Triplets of Bellville, and Don Hertzfeldt couch gags.
    • Despite Bart's statement, it was later announced that the Simpsons will team up with Bob's Burgers for a couch gag, as well as hiring Bill Plympton again for another couch gag for Season 29.[1]
  • This is the longest couch gag in the entire series to date.
  • When the store owner was making a copy of the DNA in the copy machine, Kang and Kodos were briefly seen in the background.
  • Among the loot in Rick's bag is Bobo, Mr. Burn's Teddy Bear, despite Maggie having given Bobo back to Mr. Burns.


  • For most of this, Maggie's pacifier is on a blue puddle, but when Rick says "Look at the baby one", the pacifier is on a yellow puddle.



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