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Rigel 7 (or Rigel VII) is a planet home to the Rigellians species, including Kang and Kodos. They speak Rigellian, which, by sheer coincidence, is identical to the English-language. The other inhabitants of Rigel 7 seem to be similar in appearance to Kang and Kodos, and include, amongst others, Serak the Preparer, and presumably Mr. Sulu, the submarine operator of the U.S.S Jebediah.[1] Kang and Kodos kidnapped the Simpson family from Diz-Nee Land and keep them in Rigel 7's zoo until they were ready to eat them. They let them go when they realized the Simpsons were toxic to them.

Behind the Laughter

  • The planet is a parody of the one of the same name from Star Trek.
  • There is also a planet in the Star Wars Galaxy with the same name.
  • A similarly spelled (though pronounced the exact same way) planet known as "Rygol 7" is mentioned in the Saban/Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z.



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