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Bulldozer-Saurus is a mixture between bulldozer and dinosaur.

Tank Elephants

Tank Elephants.png

Tank Elephants are a mixture between elephant and tank.

Space Broccoli

Space Broccoli.png

The Space Broccoli is a type of broccoli from outer space.

When a member of the Rigellian resistance said that she once stepped on a piece of space broccoli and it cried for six years, another member said that "they're a little full of themselves". After this, a space broccoli asked the member who he was talking about and he replied with "earth broccoli". The space broccoli said that he hated "those guys" and walked off mumbling.

Rigellian Birds

Rigellian Birds.png

The Rigellian Birds are birds of Rigel 7. They have one eye like the Rigellians and horns.

Rigellian Monkeys

Rigellian Monkeys.png

Rigellian Monkeys are monkeys that attack the human forces.

Rigellian Scorpions

Rigellian Scorpions.png

Rigellian Scorpions are giant scorpions with one eye.


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