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Ring-A-Ding Springfield is a comic strip which appeared in Simpsons Comics 114 in the US and Simpsons Comics 129 in the UK.


Its Abe's birthday and the Simpsons get him a phone. Thinking it is death he throws it out the window. Kang and Kodos find it and prank call Chief Wiggum. Wiggum is on the school bus and changes the line back to a terrioist call. The bus will explode if it goes lower than 50mph (a reference to Speed) but the road stops. The bus goes flying over the unfinished bridge. Below is Snake driving Homer's car. He is giving demands to Wiggum, however there is no bomb, and Snake runs of leaving Marge and Maggie in the Car boot. Homer is at the doctors when Marge rings him, with his cell phone in his stomach. KBBL try getting to Homer for a prize, but passes it on to Disco Stu. Stu dances and his phone goes flying. It smashes into the Church and lands at Ned's feet. The phone rings and Ned answer's. It is Fat Tony demanding money. Tony thinks it is Disco Stu. Then Flanders hangs up. Sideshow Bob is on the prison phone and then ends up ringing Moe, who says hes in a bachelor pad, thinking Sideshow Bob is answering his soulmate call. Then the phone at Moe's rings again, with Bart prank calling. Apu chases Bart away from the Kwik-E-Mart phone and gets a call from Frink who thinks he invented a phone from another universe. Meanwhile the Bullies are trying to give Cletus a phone. Then Mayor Quimby and the police chase Nelson who throws the phone over a wall which lands at Barts feet so he skids which causes the Squeaky Voiced Teen to crash into Kang and Kodos repearing there ship. In the end Kang goes around shooting people, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney are being chased by Apu and The school bus is stuck in a Lard Lad sign.


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