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―Rita's catchphrase

Rita LaFleur (previously Simpson) (Born August 5, 1931) is a former restaurant singer who is in a relationship with Abraham Simpson, whom she married. She is also the stepmother of Homer Simpson, the stepmother-in-law of Marge Bouvier future step-great grandmother of Zia, Diff, Skippy and Maggie Jr. and the step-grandmother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson.


A younger Rita

A long time ago, Rita used to be a singer at Spiro's, a local restaurant that Abraham once worked at. She caught his attention and the two started dating, with a young Homer being aware of it. At that time, Mona had just left Abraham. Eventually, Rita and Abraham married, but things went badly seconds after the marriage when Homer suffered a head injury after being dragged by the car after accidentally tying himself to it while tying cans on it. When he heard that the family would be going to Europe for one of Rita's tours, Abraham realized that Homer is defenseless and wouldn't survive in Europe, so he stayed behind with him while Rita went to Europe, and the two never saw each other again.

In the present day, Abraham runs away from the Springfield Retirement Castle, and Homer and Marge search for him. Clues left behind at Abraham's room lead them to Rita, who tells them about her brief marriage with him. She then dozes off. At the end of the episode, Abraham is found and returned to the retirement home through a compromise. There, he reunites with Rita and the two play the piano and sing together at the end of the credits.


  • Rita has a habit of ending her sentences with "yeah" which is her catchphrase.
  • Rita is voiced by Anika Noni Rose who is famous for voicing Tiana in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".
  • As seen in 'Gone Abie Gone', she can play the piano with her feet.
  • This is the only episode (so far) that Rita has appeared in.