This article is about the Robert Goulet character. For the real-life musician and guest voice actor, please see Robert Goulet.

Robert Goulet is an American singer and entertainer. He is hired to play at Mr. Burns' Casino. However, at the airport Bart easily persuades to instead come to his casino instead; Goulet deems Bart's offer of "a casino" to be "good enough". Bart takes Goulet there on his bike, but on arrival he reacts with surprise that Bart's casino is actually just his treehouse. He intends to call his manager (and wife) Vera but ends up performing anyway after falsely believing Nelson's threat that Vera told him "to shut up". He performs a version of "Jingle Bells" with joke lyrics involving characters from Batman, before swinging the microphone round and hitting Milhouse in the face. Mr. Burns instructs Smithers to thaw out Jim Nabors as Goulet's replacement.[1]



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