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Roberta Coretta Tubbs is one of the main characters on the animated series The Cleveland Show and since the Family Guy episode "He's Bla-ack" she is now a recurring character on Family Guy. On the Season 25 premiere episode, she and her family appear in a couch gag but she and her party (along with Homer Simpson) are thrown out. However, after a protest, she and her family are allowed back in (all except Homer)


Roberta, along with the rest of The Brown family appears in the credits gag of the episode "Homerland", going to a party to celebrate the 25th season of The Simpsons, along with families from tons of other FOX cartoons such as Family Guy, American Dad!, and Bob's Burgers. However, they are not allowed to go into the party because they're black. The family starts picketing outside the party, demanding to be let in. Homer Simpson, who was also disallowed in there, is joining them, saying that FOX is also against him. The Brown family is eventually let in, but Homer Simpson is still locked out.


Roberta is a hot teenage girl. She has long, black straightened hair with a platinum blonde streak in it, She wears a gold necklace with another gold charm on it. She has a green tube top, that shows off her midriff and she wears a green bracelet in the same color as her tube top. She wears blue skinny jeans with a black belt and a gold buckle. She has white shoes with black stripes on them.


Roberta is a dim-witted, rebellious teenage girl, who acts very wild and out of control. She has no filter and no limits on what she can do. She enjoys partying, underage drinking, smoking, having sex with guys, fashion, texting, watching reality television, etc. She doesn't feel constrained by her parents or her teachers or even the law and feels free to do whatever she feels like, without worrying about the punishments. One of the primary reasons why she disobeys her parents is because she is now under the control of Cleveland, who she knows isn't her real father. Her original father, Robert, also allowed her to get away with everything and never gave her any proper punishment, discipline, or proper parenting, bringing her up to feel like she can do this. She is always having sex with random guys she just met, and especially with her main guy, being her boyfriend, Federline. She does not feel the need to protect her body and is okay with exposing skin to anyone who sees her. She is dumb and makes unwise decisions, always getting herself into a lot of trouble with sex, drugs, and alcohol. Basically, she just acts like a regular teenage girl.


  • Roberta is named after her real father, Robert, having the female equivalent of his name.
  • Roberta's voice actress is actually 21 years old. She just plays the role of a 16 year old girl, because she looks so young.
  • She was originally voiced by Nia Long, but her voice actor then changed to Reagan Gomez-Preston.
  • She shares a Facebook page with her brother, Junior.


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