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Robot Chicken couch gag

The Robot Chicken couch gag is the seventeenth couch gag of Season 24.

It was animated by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the production company for Robot Chicken.


After crashing through the door, Homer wakes up in his backyard and finds out that he is an action figure (and that he hates action). Ned greets him from his roof, but Homer yells, "Shut up, Flanders!" Suddenly, his arm shoots at Ned, making him fall from his roof, and explode. Homer's arm returns to him, who says that this reality ain't all bad.

In the street, Homer tests out his power by saying, "Pastry power, activate!", making him transform into a doughnut, which flattens and kills Agnes Skinner, Martin Prince and Mr. Burns, but mostly Mr. Burns as he backs up on him.

At Moe's Tavern, he constantly pulls the pull-cord of Barney and makes him burp repeatedly. Moe asks Homer to pull his cord, which says "I'm lonely".

Then, Homer is seen in the car with his family, where Marge says to him that this isn't the way to the mall, but Homer says to Marge that he thought she meant "Bad Ass City". Eventually, they speed through a Hot-Wheels version of Springfield. He then drag races with Otto. They both jump over the Springfield Gorge, but Otto doesn't make it because it exploded and fell into the gorge after Ralph said, "I'm a fatality!". The rest of the family congratulate Homer on successfully jumping the gorge as they drive into the garage as usual.

Suddenly, due to the force of the car stopping in, the family fly out of the car and fly backwards into the couch. They sit on it as usual, but they get physically strapped in as Robot Chicken is on their TV. The actual Robot Chicken turns "The Simpsons" on instead, but Homer requests to put "the chicken one" back on. However, the Robot Chicken turns on the "Created By/Developed By" TV credits.



Robot Chicken Couch Gag from The Simpsons




  • This is the first couch gag to be guest animated by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.
  • The characters in this couch gag are actually their World of Springfield figure counterparts.
  • The couch gag makes a cameo in the next crossover couch gag, where the Nerd is watching it when meeting Homer.

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