Rock Bottom is a tabloid news show produced in Springfield. Godfrey Jones is the host.


Homer was accused of sexually harassing a babysitter by grabbing her butt, when in reality, he was only grabbing a Gummi Venus de Milo that had gotten stuck to the back of her pants. When a protestors' shantytown and a media circus formed at the Simpson house, Godfrey Jones called Homer and offered him a chance to explain his side of the story. Jones interviewed Homer, but the interview was heavily and poorly edited to make Homer look like more of a pervert and to convey the impression that Homer physically attacked Jones. The show aired Homer's story under the title "Babysitter and the Beast."

Rock Bottom has a pattern of missing the mark where the truth is concerned, in the interest of pursuing a sensationalized story. The show was forced to run a long list of corrections, including a retraction of its accusations against Homer.

Other stories

Other stories aired by Rock Bottom include the following:

  • A report on Sasquatch (which Homer considered to be "fair and even-handed").
  • A "sex farm" where the farmer claims to be only growing sorghum, but the hookers are "'round back."
  • A "foreigner" (Groundskeeper Willie) who takes voyeuristic and perverted videos of unsuspecting people (aired under the title "Rowdy Roddy Peeper").

Behind the laughter

Rock Bottom is an obvious parody of tabloid TV shows, such as Hard Copy and A Current Affair.


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