I'll die before I'll surrender, Tim.
―The motto of Rommelwood Military School

Rommelwood Military School (named after the famous German general Erwin Rommel) is a military school that Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson attended in the episode "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson". It was Lisa's choice to go to the school but Bart had to go as a punishment by Chief Wiggum for shattering every piece of glass in town. Lisa didn't fit in at the school because she was the only girl at the school and started to feel homesick.

Cadets must be able to cross the "Eliminator", a 150 foot rope suspended 40 feet over a field of Connecticut Valley thorn bushes, in order to pass their academic year. Prior to the introduction of the Eliminator, classmates were pitted against each other in a two-day battle royale until a Supreme Court ruling made it illegal. The "Eliminator" was scrapped after Bart and Lisa's year at Rommelwood Military School after it also proved to be too cruel for the Supreme Court.

The school features its own firing range, an airfield, a cafeteria, and a statue of a general on horseback with a plaque with the school's motto carved on it.





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