Ross was a minor character in "3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage". He is the CEO of Flashmouth, a teeth whitening equipment company, and Homer Simpson’s former boss.


Ross is the CEO (and possible founder) of the startup whitening company Flashmouth. He employed Homer because of his sense of humor.

When Homer had Bart, Flashmouth was on the verge of financial success, but Ross told Homer that he can't have a kid, which means it will take time away from him. He warns Homer that he might start a "virus" where Flashmouth's other employees might get married and have kids instead of working. When he was apparently given a choice to put his work over his fatherhood, Homer chose to stay with Bart, and was subsequently fired.

Within at least ten years, Flashmouth earned billions of dollars, and Ross amassed a large fortune. Homer called him to see if he remembered him. Ross answered and said only one thing: "Goodbye, Forever" as he headed up to his office in the new Flashmouth building, implying that he was still angry with Homer for "quitting".


Simp Episode – "3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage"



  • Ross is portrayed by guest star Kevin Pollak.
  • According to Homer, Ross is worth $10 billion (possibly more than Mr. Burns).
  • Based on his attitude, it is possible he founded Flashmouth
  • He has degrees in chemistry, business, and medicine.
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