Homer Looking at Map (Artwork).png This article is about the man who resembles Poochie.

For judge with the same name, see Roy Snyder.

Roy is a college aged cool guy who stays at the Simpsons home temporarily. He resembles Poochie, a cartoon dog from The Itchy & Scratchy Show. After a while of living with the Simpsons, he leaves to move in with "two sexy ladies."

He took part in the world's tallest human pyramid record attempt.

He is seen in a pixeled form doing a "pistol hand" signal to Bart, next to Chief Wiggum, in the opening sequence of "My Fare Lady".


When the Planet Express crew were transported to the Simpson's world with memory loss, Leela wandered off towards Springfield Elementary School, where Roy made a pass at her, she then stole his sunglasses and wore them to hide her single eye.

Behind the Laughter

  • He was proposed to appear in one of the alternate realities in the "Treehouse of Horror V" segment Time and Punishment where he would have been Homer's son.
  • He was put into the show as a mocking reference to a Fox executive's suggestion that a new character be created to live with the Simpsons so as to "spice up the show".
  • As well as intentionally resembling Poochie, Roy is also based on Fonzie from the sitcom Happy Days.



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