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Judge Roy Snyder is one of the main judges in Springfield, or perhaps more specifically, Springfield County.

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He was once known as a no-nonsense judge but over the years he has loosened up and become more lenient. His temperament seems to be milder than that of the Judge Constance Harm, who is more strict.

Snyder has somewhat of a grudge against Lionel Hutz for repeatedly running over his son with his car. It is unknown how old Snyder's son is or if he survived. Judge Snyder also admitted in court that his wife had left him, since then he has been seen with Lindsey Naegle.

When it comes to Bart, he normally lets him off the hook using the reasoning: "Boys will be boys". He was the judge who banned sugar in Springfield, though later cancelled the law,[2] and also ordered the ruling of never mentioning anything about the "real Seymour Skinner" under penalty of torture[3]. At one point, when decreeing that Mr. Burns has to pay a fine of three million dollars after being caught by the EPA for illegally dumping nuclear waste in a park, he allowed for Mr. Burns to, in exchange, have the Justice statue.[4]

He was later shown to be a member of Big is Beautiful and attended several of their protests and Albert's funeral.[5]

Behind the Laughter

  • The character was originally named "Judge Moulton" in “Bart Gets Hit By A Car” and in "Krusty Gets Busted", but show runners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein did not know that, and called him "Snyder".
  • Contrary to previously published information on this site, he is most definitely not based on Judge Joe Brown, as the character was appearing on this show a good eight years before that show premiered.
  • His skin color has changed from yellow to brown repeatedly throughout the series before staying brown.



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