The Royal Majesty for the Obese or Gangly Gentleman is a tailor shop in Springfield which sells clothing specifically for obese, tall, and curvy/plus-sized men.


Very tall, very obese and very curvy/plus-sized men come from all over the country to Springfield to have their clothing needs met at the Royal Majesty. The shop's past accomplishments include:

  • A custom purple crushed-velvet tuxedo for a man who weighed 400 pounds.
  • A traditional African dashiki for a man who was 7 feet, 10 inches in height.
  • Six pairs of Bermuda shorts for a man who was three feet tall and weighed 178 pounds.

The shop takes a dim view of its merchandise being damaged and ripped. Because of this, its slogan (as seen on a prominently displayed sign) is "You rip it, you buy it."[1]

In spite of its posh-sounding name, the Royal Majesty markets to a diverse clientele, even advertising on the outfield fences at the Springfield Stadium.[2]



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