Royce Boss Hogg Lumpkin is the father of Lurleen Lumpkin.


Royce seems to be a neglectful, uncaring jerk and overall horrible father, to a point of even leaving his daughter once again despite all her problems she is going through right now.


Royce abandoned Lurleen when she was four years old. He didn't reappear in her life until thirty years later, when Marge Simpson tracked him down. Royce and Lurleen had a joyous father-daughter reunion, which inspired Lurleen to write a song called "My Daddy's Back."

All too soon, however, Royce reverted to type and abandoned Lurleen again. This time, he went one step further: He took Lurleen's song, "My Daddy's Back," re-wrote the lyrics and gave it to the Dixie Chicks as "America's Back," telling them that he had written the song. When Lurleen saw The Dixie Chicks (with Royce) performing "America's Back" on TV, she immediately realized what had happened and was heartbroken. Later, however, with Homer's and Marge's support, Lurleen tracked Royce down and confronted him with the theft. When The Dixie Chicks learned of the theft, they joined with Lurleen in beating up Royce with their instruments.

Royce was also working on another version of "My Daddy's Back" to make into a Chevy ad, but he wasn't able to finish it before Lurleen confronted him.

Royce's personal trademark (aside from his dishonesty) is that he does a very good hambone dance. Also, to Homer's envy, Royce has a full head of hair.


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