This article is about Rupert Murdoch the character. For the businessman and guest voice actor, please see Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch is the owner of FOX and many other companies.


Murdoch is first seen in Springwood Minimum Security Prison, having been convicted of an unspecified crime, and has to help prepare for the Springfield Air Show as part of his sentence.[1] Later, when Homer, Wally Kogen and other residents of Springfield at the Super Bowl, found his executive box and he came and sent them out, introducing himself as the "billionaire tyrant".[2] He appears at a phone-in pledge drive for FOX and receives Bart's pledge of $10,000 which he states has "saved my network".[3] He was seen at Moe's Tavern when Marge mentioned that Moe wasn't allowed to show FOX any more in the bar.[4]

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