Sacagawea was a native-american indian who led the Lewis and Clark expedition across America. She gives them various tips on how to survive, including how to scare a mountain lion. Although, by the end of their expedition, she became upset about Lewis and Clark acts and abandons them. Moments later, she is threatened by a mountain lion, but the explorers saved her life by using one of the tips she gave them. When they reached the Pacific ocean (where is now Eugene, Oregon), they honor her by creating the Sacagawea dollar, which can be exchanged by a real dollar in a bank.


  • Clark didn't learned her name after years with her, as he called her Pocahontas by the ending of the expedition. When she corrected him by saying her name, he says "Gesundheit", which is an expression used to wish good health to a people who just sneezed.
  • Lisa mentions her name in The Simpsons Movie when jumping from the treehouse to the sandbox, indicating that Sacagawea could be one of her favorites historical figures.
  • Sacagawea's name appears on the Indian burial ground in Treehouse of Horror
  • Her father (Homer) said he sold her to her husband (Milhouse), but in real life, she was given to him through a poker game.
  • Her father also mentions that Sacagawea means "Little know-it-all", but it actually means "Bird woman".


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