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Sadgasm was a grunge band formed by Homer Simpson during the 1990s.


The band was originally formed in the 1990s as an inoffensive, urban light, hip hop, smooth grooves outfit. After Homer sees Marge and one of her professors from her university together, Homer changes the band's direction into a wholly different type of music called "grunge", which is a mixture of punk-rock, heavy metal, hardcore punk, hard rock, alternative rock, garage rock, thrash metal, sludge metal and noise rock. The band is then named "Sadgasm".

Their first public performance was at Springfield University. Some of the band's best songs include Margerine, Shave Me (later made into Brain Freeze, a parody song by "Weird Al" Yankovic) and Politically Incorrect.

The group broke up sometime after the release of their album Desolation Hatchback because, according to Kurt Loder, Homer holed himself up at his mansion when rumors swirled about an out of control narcotics addiction, which turned out to be insulin because he became diabetic from drinking too many frappuccinos.

Songs and lyrics[]

The Sadgasm songs featured in the series were Politically Incorrect, Shave Me and Margerine. Lyrics and details about these songs can be found in the relevant articles.



  • Sadgasm (a portmanteau of sadness and orgasm) is most likely a parody of Nirvana.
    • The members of Sadgasm resemble the former members of Nirvana. Carl resembling Dave Grohl, Lenny resembling Krist Novoselic, Lou resembling both Pat Smear and Dave Foster and Homer resembling front man, Kurt Cobain.
    • Two out of the three known Sadgasm songs were parodies of real-life Nirvana songs.
  • The name 'Sadgasm' sounds somewhat similar to 'Soundgarden', the name of an American Grunge band.
  • 'Sadgasm', it has been suggested, may also reference, "Wargasm", a song by grunge band L7.
  • Homer's rumored narcotics addiction is a reference to the heroin addictions of Grunge musicians including Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone) and Layne Staley (Alice In Chains).
  • In "Covercraft" the band's name is seen briefly during a spinning-newspaper trope, under the heading Band Disolution Notices, alongside Homer's other band 'The Be Sharps'.
  • According to the music video for "Margerine" on MTV, the band has an album entitled "Desolation Hatchback".