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Sakatumi is a man who is a professional sumo wrestler in Tokyo, Japan.


While visiting Tokyo, Homer asks Sakatumi for some salt on his pretzel, but Sakatumi gets offended when Homer calls him "Tubby", so he tries to steal Homer's pretzel and gets hit with a chair by Bart.[1]

Sakatumi is not only a professional sumo wrestler, but is also part of Wayne Slater's training program.[2]


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Sakatumi on Lisa's Ultranet friend requests list (near the bottom left corner)

In the year of 2041, when Lisa goes onto the Ultranet, her friend requests are shown, and Sakatumi is one of them.[3]

Sakatumi recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a limited time character during Act 2 of the Destination Springfield 2017 event as the final prize of the act that comes with the Sumo Stadium.