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We just moved here from Phoenix. My dad owns a home security company. He came to Springfield because of its high crime rate and lackluster police force. All my friends are back in Phoenix and this town has a weird smell that you're all probably used to... but I'm not.
―Samantha Stankey

Samantha Stankey is a young girl who goes to Springfield Elementary School, where she is a new student at school.


Samantha introduces herself to Bart's class

Milhouse and Samantha together

She first fell in love with Milhouse on the schoolyard after she accidentally hit him with a ball. After Milhouse invites Samantha to Bart's treehouse, they spend a great deal of time together kissing, making Bart feel left out in the process.

The following day, when Samantha and Milhouse are in the treehouse and are about to kiss, her father shows up and catches the both of them together (due to Bart telling him about their romance). Samantha's father grabs her out of the treehouse and asks her what is going on. Before she can explain the whole story, her father berates her and orders her never to see Milhouse again. Because of this, her father takes her out of Springfield Elementary and transfers her to Saint Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls, a convent school run by French-Canadian nuns.

A few days later, Bart and Milhouse visit Samantha at her new school during recess. Milhouse gives her a gallon of gummy worms, while Bart apologizes for telling her father about their romance but she forgave Bart because she loves the school and the nuns are really nice. As recess ends, Samantha shares one last kiss with Milhouse before going back inside, while knowing that she may receive a punishment of 50 rosaries for doing so.[1]


Samantha has long wavy light brown hair and wears braces in her teeth. In her debut appearance, wore a lavender blouse, a pink dress, white socks, and pink Mary Janes. In later appearances, her pink clothes changed to sea green.

Additional Information

Samantha is a good student with a record of fairly good attendance and no detention. Her interest include reading girl comics such as "Bonnie Crane: Girl Attorney", "Punkin & Dunkin, the Twinkle Twins", and "Lil' Kneesocks". Samantha also hates the dress that her father makes her wear. Samantha once had a bed-wetting problem up until second grade.


Even though Samantha has been put in an all-girls school and never mentioned again after her final kiss with Milhouse, there have been a number of girls that closely resemble her who have made brief cameos throughout the series (one of which attends Springfield Elementary).

Audrey McConnell's Student

Samantha's look-a-like in current episodes as of Season 17

Unlike the real Samantha, this girl wears a teal-green dress and has rounder eyes. This girl is first seen playing the saxophone at Jazzy Goodtime's.[2] During Martin Prince's memorial when he was thought to have died, another girl can be seen sitting in the bleachers.[3] In Stealing First Base, she is one of the students in Audrey McConnell's 4th grade class. She is seen a second time in the same episode when Bart and Nikki McKenna skateboard around the schoolyard, the same girl is seen sitting at a table outside with other children. She is also seen a third time at the school assemble where the children laugh when Principal Skinner is kissed by Groundskeeper Willie.[4] During Lisa's lecture about the Simpson ancestors, a girl looking like Samatha was seen sitting in the school hall.[5]

Other Lookalikes

When Moe converts his bar into a family-style restaurant, a girl who resembles a younger version of Samantha complains to him that her ice-cold soft drink "makes her teeth hurt" [6]. Another girl is seen singing at Krusty's doorstep on the Christmas special, "It's a Krusty Kinda Kristmas".[7]

Behind the Laughter

The physical appearance of Samantha is based on Wallace Wolodarsky's niece, who is also named Samantha.[8] Samantha's physical appearance also resemble the design art of characters who would appear in shows such as Rugrats and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, due to Klasky-Csupo, Inc.'s involvement in the animation art of the Ullman shorts and first 61 episodes.



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  • In the Bart Simpson comic story "Bart Gets Stumped", when Agent Darke tells Bart that he is going to have his treehouse cut down, Bart pleads with him and mentions that Milhouse kissed a girl in there. This is an obvious reference to Samantha[9].


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