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Santa Claus is a fictional character of Western folklore. In The Simpsons his likeness has been emulated through characters such as Homer Simpson and his mythical entirety has also been shown.


Santa, Abe & Burns.

Santa Claus portrayed by Krusty the Clown.

Near the end of World War II, Abe Simpson and Mr. Burns were stranded on a deserted island. On Christmas Eve, Santa flew over the island and Burns thought it was a Japanese, so he shot him down. Feeling sorry for what they did, they helped Santa by fixing his sleigh and gathering his reindeer (but couldn't find Rudolph and Prancer). When they were all ready, Santa was about to take off, then Burns hit him on the head with a coconut, stole his sleigh, and made all of the presents his. Abe found Prancer, got on him, and took off to get Burns. Abe caught up with him and beat him up with a tricycle. He returned the sleigh back to Santa and promised after he was done delivering presents, he'll come back and take him home, but never came back. Because of that, Abe wanted to get back and kill Santa.

But on one Christmas Eve night, Santa gave him his dead brother's lucky watch (the brother turned out to be alive after all). Santa told Abe that his brother Cyrus survived and crashed in Tahiti, and his brother loved being there so much (because of his 50 wives) that he stayed. Santa took him to see his brother and they had a nice vacation there. While there Santa told him he didn't save Abe because he was always putting it off and in the end, he was just too embarrassed to go.[2] In The Fight Before Christmas he was portrayed as Krusty the Clown.

The Answer

In a commercial for a book called The Answer, it says Santa Claus was one of the few people to have read the answer. When Edna Krabappel looks out the window in to the school playground, Santa is there; it is unknown whether this is just her imagination or if he really was there.[3]