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―Sarah Wiggum
Clancy! Use the remote!
―Sarah Wiggum reacting after Chief Wiggum shoots the television
I love you, Poppin' Fresh, Aw Clancy!
―Sarah Wiggum reacting to the sky writing
Homer, can you make me look Fancy?
―Sarah Wiggum asking Homer to cut her hair

Sarah Wiggum (née Kanneke)[1] is the wife of Clancy and mother of Ralph.

She has a nasal-likely voice (except for "Uncut Femmes" and "Poorhouse Rock") and her personality is mainly established by her actions and emotions and not primarily by her talking. She is almost identical in characteristics to her Husband, which makes for them being a perfect matched couple compared to other Springfield families. Because of this, she has similar characteristics to her husband, such as being somewhat piggish, kind, relaxed, and loving. As well a loyal wife to Chief Wiggum and loving mother to Ralph Wiggum. She has also been shown to have heart and feel bad for others, such as in the crowd at an event when something in the event is sad, which also further explains her personality.



In the Season 14 episode, "A Star Is Born Again" [2], Clancy mentions she was more beautiful at the dance than the day he met and arrested, she giggles and blushes in reply. He then mentions he only planted the crystal meth on her so she would "notice" him, so he has an excuse to arrest her and fall in love with her, despite not doing the crystal meth, any drugs, or any crimes in general. Sarah (according to Clancy) is his "home force". At one time, she immediately dials the authorities at Clancy's command as a reference to the old-fashioned operator who had the stereotypical name "Sarah."


Sarah has bluish-purple hair, and she wears a light teal (almost white) shirt with rolled up sleeves. She also wears a light pinkish-orange dress and wears reddish-orange shoes. Sarah is about 5'8 feet tall and is relatively fat, but not as fat as her husband, Chief Wiggum. In one episode, in the present her hair and body design was changed, and during her youth, she was very noticeably thinner.

Non-Canon Appearances

Ssi 5.PNG The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.

In "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase", where various supporting characters get spin-offs, one spin-off (Wiggum, P.I.) has Sarah's marriage to Clancy eventually dissolve and they get a divorce. He gets custody of Ralph and moves to New Orleans.

In "Uncut Femmes", Sarah received a whole character retcon and voice change to work with this episodes plot line, she speaks awkwardly and acts very weird in the beginning of the episode when she talks to Marge, and throughout the middle to ending of the episode, she acts differently then she has before as a more "badass" rebellious high school chick like Shauna Chalmers compared to being civil and motherly like beforehand, and her past shows her as a jewelry thief along with 2 other girls, and she met Clancy (at the time a security guard and not a cop) during a robbery the girls were doing and Sarah was the distraction of the 3 girls, she ended up falling in love with him while she was distracting him, despite not intending to actually fall in love in him. This same version of the character would return in Poorhouse Rock, only this time the original design of the character is back, but internally is still in the retconned fashion and still with the "normal" sounding voice and high Schooley rebellious attitude.


At the end of "Flanders' Ladder", she is shown to be one of the many deceased wives of Ned Flanders.

Video Games

The Simpsons Game, when you talk to Sarah, all she says is 'Clancy' (referring to her husband). This includes when you attack her and when she runs away screaming. Chief Wiggum mentions her during the Duff Ultimate Eating Challenge saying that the food was so much better than her cooking.

In August 2018 Sarah was added as a Premium Character to Tapped Out in a bundle which also contains the Springfield Aquarium. She is one of the 'Alcoholic' characters as her tasks include the hour-task of attending AA Meetings with characters such as Bernice Hibbert and Barney. The Sarah Wiggum/Springfield Aquarium bundle reappeared during the Black Friday 2018 event as one of the prizes inside selected mystery crates.


  • In her first appearance in "I Love Lisa" she is shown with brown hair in the crowd next to Clancy at the school play. This would later be changed to purple in her next appearance in "Duffless".
  • She tries out for Poochie's voice for The Itchy & Scratchy Show, but of course, she isn't heard.[3]
  • Clancy's pet name for her is "Poppin' Fresh" based on the Pillsbury Doughboy.[4]
  • As hinted by Ralph: "You look like my mommy after her box of wine." She may be an alcoholic, but she is only portrayed as an alcoholic in Tapped Out, as in the series when she has appearances that are canon, she is not drinking in every appearance or every time a bar appears, she isn't in the background of a bar, or drinking such as like being in the background at Moe's Tavern. Only in a few episodes with her having appearances show her drinking or holding a glass of wine, which is mainly for a special occasion or if she and Clancy are at a fancy restaurant, but overall, she is Sober in episodes that are consistent with her characterization. But in a crime parody episode in Season 32, at night she steals the captain's beer and takes a large swig which causes her hair and characterization to be changed for the remainder of the episode. But taking a swig once or drinking alcohol once doesn't classify you as an alcoholic. She is also seen in another episode in Season 33 supposedly drunk from drinking eggnog, as well as in another Season 33 episode drinking as well.
  • It is revealed that Marge Simpson does not like Sarah, but in later episodes, Sarah is seen hanging out with Marge.[5] This is seen as a throw away one liner.
  • In "The President Wore Pearls", she was shown with ginger hair, this was likely an editing or color mistake during production of this episode.


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