Satan’s Anvil is a desert located in Springfield where Lisa and the school visited. It is mentioned by Seymour Skinner that it is unknown why it is called this, although it is obvious to the viewer. The desert is home to an elderly couple, whose husband is paranoid while the wife is more welcoming of visitors, a roadrunner, coyote, scorpions, and the Silvertongue, which calms hostile creatures as Lisa Simpson discovered. The name of the desert is likely named after the rock formation of the Devil as a blacksmith. It does also contain a mine where the settlers left sexual pictures later found by Bart Simpson, who shows Milhouse Van Houten and Nelson Muntz.


It looks like there have been one confirmed death, according to Seymour Skinner and Milhouse, thanks to a skeletal arm of a hippie that was found.

Satan’s Anvil Tapped Out

Tapped Out


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