The album cover, with price marked up by Comic Book Guy

Sax on the Beach is the first and only album by Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa's jazz hero.

The album is extremely rare. Not even the local jazz radio station, KJAZZ, had a copy of it,  The only copy in town was at The Android's Dungeon, priced at $250.  However, when Comic Book Guy realized that Murphy was dead, he doubled the price to $500.

Bart bought Sax on the Beach for Lisa, using the money he obtained from a lawsuit. KJAZZ played it for Lisa, but the DJ told her that due to the station's extremely limited range, hardly anyone would hear it. However, a freak lightning strike hit KJAZZ's antenna tower, amplifying the signal to the point where it was audible through every electronic device in Springfield -- regardless of whether it was a radio tuned to KJAZZ, or even a radio at all.

References / Trivia

  • The album title is likely a pun on "Sex on the Beach," which is a cocktail as well as a catchphrase.
  • John Tesh recorded an album titled Sax on the Beach in 1995.


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