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Say Your Prayers is one of the wraparound songs that the Simpsons sing to help introduce clips in the episode "All Singing, All Dancing". The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Steve O'Donnell.


Say your prayers, and then it's kablamo!
(attempts to fire, but nothing comes out)
Uh-oh, I'll be back when I get some ammo.
Hey, I rhymed again.
You know what?
I'll stay here.
I have some words too.
I like to Rhyme, Sing and dance with you.
Even the criminals are beginning to croon.
Homie, this whole town runs on a tune:
Our churches, our clubs, our government, too.
Springfield swings like a pendulum do.
We can't even get any local laws passed
Without everyone singing... like a big Broadway cast.

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