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Scary Movie
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Now listen up. We're gonna be seeing some pretty heavy stuff in this movie. Death rays, flying saucers, giant eyeballs...
Bart to Lisa and Maggie.

Scary Movie is the thirty-eighth Simpsons short and originally on The Tracey Ullman Show February 12, 1989.


Bart, Lisa and Maggie are walking to the movie theater to see The Happy Little Elves Return. Lisa is very happy that they're seeing that movie, but Bart isn't. Once they get there, Bart convinces the girls to see Revenge of the Space Mutants instead. Bart tells the girls if they get scared they can hold his hand. Right when the movie starts, a space mutant (who looks like Bart) comes out from a flying saucer and Bart gets scared as the girls try to calm him down.

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