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Scary Stories is the eighteenth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show December 20, 1987.


Bart asks Lisa and Maggie if they want to hear a scary story and switches off the light (showing only their eyes) to start telling about an evil insane maniac, but Lisa asks him why he couldn't tell it with lights on. Bart agrees, but is unable to find the light switch and starts panicking believing that it's gone. Lisa however sees the light switch and turns it on, showing a very frightened Bart.

After that, Bart switches off the light again and tells another story about a psychopathic stranger on the loose in a dark house, who was not seen, but his breathing was heard. Bart then starts breathing loudly and a choking sound is heard. A shocked Lisa runs over to turn the lights on and finds Maggie on Bart's back choking him.

Bart then tells another story about a vampire sucking blood from the neck of his latest victim. Suddenly, Maggie sucks on her pacifier, causing both Bart and Lisa to gasp in fright. Maggie then turns on the lights on to see Bart and Lisa holding on to each other shivering.

Finally, Bart again switches the light off and tells the scariest story of all - about three little children sitting shivering in the dark, and then the children heard footsteps. Bart says "you will almost hear them" and there are some footsteps heard. Bart then says "the footsteps stopped" and the sound of footsteps stop. Then the door opens to find a confused Dad and Mom looking at their children screaming behind a couch.

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