School of Hard Knockers is a teen/college comedy movie that stars Corey Masterson.


Homer watched it just before taking Nuclear Physics 101 at Springfield University because he believed that it was "a program about campus life that I really should watch."

In the scene that was shown, the President of the United States visited the college where the movie took place and said he hoped that nothing unsavory would happen during his visit. Dean Bitterman reassured the President, saying that nothing would go wrong because he had expelled the rowdy members of Chugalug House. However, one of the members (Corey Masterson) got back at Bitterman by setting off Nerdlinger's "bra bomb" which sent many bras raining down on the President and the dean. Bitterman angrily screamed "Corey!" and then was shocked to see the President dancing around in the rain of bras. The President told Bitterman to "Lighten up!" and said that Corey would make a perfect addition to his Cabinet as the "Secretary of Partying Down!"

As Bitterman continued raging, the last bra landed on top of his head, to the delight of Homer as he watched the movie.[1]

Behind the Laughter

  • The movie itself is an obvious parody of Animal House.
  • The "bra bomb" prank is strongly reminiscient of the "laser-popped popcorn" prank at the end of the movie Real Genius.



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