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Screamville is a town in Springfield's State.

When Sideshow Bob was paroled from prison, stalked Bart, and threatened to kill him, Screamville was one of four locations the Witness Relocation Program considered as options for protecting the Simpsons by moving them and giving them new identities.

The other possible locations were Cape Fear, Terror Lake, and New Horrorfield. The Simpsons move to Terror Lake.

When the WRP agent first mentioned Screamville, Homer misheard it as "Ice Cream Ville" and had one of his characteristic "Mmmmmm..." moments. When the agent repeated the name of the town, Homer screamed.

Behind the laughter

  • The name of the town may be a reference to Amityville, setting of the Amityville Horror movies.
  • Irony: Towns with scary-sounding names being suggested as relocation options for the Simpsons so they can stop living in fear of Sideshow Bob.