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Screenless is the fifteenth episode of Season 31.


While the Simpsons were having TV dinner, Maggie was upset, and the family was curious about it, and Marge discovered a channel about sign language for babies who can't talk, so she taught Maggie sign language so she can communicate with her (Maggie was upset about Hans Moleman stuck under a tree).

A few days later, Maggie finally mastered sign language, and when Marge tried to show that to the rest of the family, they were too busy looking at their phones, and Marge told the family to spend only half an hour a week of screentime.

A week after, Marge checked the family's screentime, Homer's was 22 minutes, Bart's screentime was 17 minutes, and Lisa's screentime was zero. It turns out that Homer, Bart, and Lisa were using a screen time reversal service, so Marge hid the phones, saying there will be no screen time at all.

After that, Homer and the kids found some fun things to do, but they discovered Marge hiding in the closet, using her phone and computer. So, Marge signed the whole family up for an addiction rehab center.

It turned out that the family liked the place, but all the talk about no phones made the kids want them back even more, and eventually the family decided to go back home, but they discovered that the Dr. Lund and the workers were sending spams using the passwords of the people who checked in. The family couldn't expose them to the world because all the exits were guarded with invisible lasers.

At night, the family sneaked past the guards, and Maggie used her sign language to tell Marge to use the baby powder to reveal the lasers, and so, Dr. Lund was arrested.

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